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A-1 Southeastern Driver Improvement Program

A-1 Southeastern Driver Improvement Program is in the business of educating individual's about traffic safety.  Individual concepts include the following:

Factors Associated with Traffic Crashes - Environmental factors which can lead to collisions such as rain, ice, snow, sleet, and hail.

Risks Involved with Driving - Understanding the various important concepts of "risk" as we drive daily.

Establishing Good Visual Habits - How to use your eyes effectively.  Many drivers don't know how "see" when driving.

Communication with Others - How to "read" traffic and communicate with other drivers.

Adjusting Speed - Factors that a driver must be aware of to determine safe speed.

Margins of Safety - Keeping a safe cushion between your vehicle and other traffic.

Your Vehicle - What to do to keep your vehicle in good, running order to keep you and other drivers safe on the road.

Driving Emergencies - The best way to handle emergency situations in inclement weather or common mishaps when driving.

Alcohol, Drugs, Fatigue, Emotions, Aggressive Driving and Road Rage - How to avoid aggressive drivers and prevent being involved in a dangerous event.

Driver Improvement courses have the potential to reduce the frequency and severity of traffic crashes. Approximately 37% of drivers involved in traffic crashes are unaware, when a crash is imminent, that they are about to be involved in a crash or are aware, but panic and make no attempt to avoid the crash.  This lack of awareness and failure to respond increases with age.

Improve your driving skills at A-1 Southeastern Driver Improvement Program

Do not sit through a dull and boring class.  A-1 Southeastern Driver Improvement Program focuses on keeping you engaged and thinking about the material, ensuring that you leave feeling knowledgeable and pro-active.

The Virginia DMV has APPROVED our course for all students. We have, also, partnered with an interpreter to teach Spanish speakers who do not know the English language. Call us for more information.

After completion of our course, you must take a final exam and pass with a score of 80% or better. We have a 100% pass rate and no one has ever failed the course since opening in 2002. Upon successful completion of our course we will award you a "Certificate of Completion."  Also, we will automatically report your successful completion to the DMV that very same day. However, it is your responsibility to submit the certificate to the court you are assigned to or to the DMV if they directed you to attend a DIP.

To provide an exclusive forum to drivers, including Spanish speakers, who have been mandated by the Courts or Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Volunteers, or those seeking insurance discounts. Utilizing the American Automobile Association (AAA) curriculum, A-1 Southeastern Driver Improvement Program's drivers advance their knowledge of defensive driving techniques, as well as the rules of the road. As one of Hampton Roads' most dedicated and trusted driver improvement programs our commitment to your rights and improving your driving habits is undeniable. Our certified instructors play a vital role in ensuring your interests are taken seriously. We pride ourselves on these qualities and hold ourselves to the highest integrity in this field whether we are teaching one person, one-on-one, or a class of 20.

Contact A-1 Southeastern Driver Improvement Program TODAY at 757-816-6341 and get back on the road with safe driving skills.  We are located at 1206 Laskin Road, Suites 201/115, in the Birdneck Executive Centre, Virginia Beach, VA 23451. 

"My son dreaded going to the class.  When he came home he said he really learned a lot and was glad he went!" -Martha C., (parent who called in)

"This class was the best class I could have asked for.  The instructor was very knowledgeable and patient with my questions." -Sheldon H.

"Cynthia was great.  The course was very good to have.  I would recommend her in the future.  I'm glad I picked her course." -Ty P.

"Good Job!" -Garrison M.

"A-1 Southeastern Driver Improvement Programs service was unbelievable.  The instructor was energetic and willing to teach me everything I needed to know and then some.  She taught me one-on-one.  The money was well worth it because I learned new things that I did not know before taking her class. Anyone looking for a driver improvement program should choose them will not be disappointed! -William H.