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A-1 Southeastern Driver Improvement Program (DIP) is a comprehensive driver safety program designed to help all drivers reduce the potential for traffic tickets and crashes.

If you need additional safe driving points on your driving record due to past traffic infractions, or find yourself mandated by the Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or the Courts to attend a driver improvement class, or you just want tips on becoming a better driver, this class is for you.

For information on class dates and location please contact 757-816-6341.

We teach one person or 20. We, also, have partnered with an interpreter to teach the Hispanic community and Spanish speakers. Call us TODAY at 757-816-6341. We are located at 1206 Laskin Road, Suite 201/115, in the Birdneck Executive Centre, Virginia Beach, VA 23451. 

A-1 Southeastern Driver Improvement Program goes over all the basics of being a cautious, safe driver. If you desire to make a difference in the world, you must be different from the world. Call us TODAY at 757-816-6341 and see how different we are from the rest of our competition.

Welcome to A-1 Southeastern Driver Improvement Program, one of Hampton Roads' most dedicated and trusted driver improvement programs. Our commitment to your rights and correcting incorrect driving habits is simply unparalleled to others in our field. Our certified instructors play a vital role in ensuring your interests are taken seriously. At A-1 Southeastern Driver Improvement Program we want to make sure you have all the information needed in order to complete your defensive driving improvement school.

By focusing on righting wrongs, you are being pro-active in utilizing our services where they will do the most good for you - in front of a court of law. Whether approaching a General District Court traffic matter, or a criminal defense traffic issue, such as a DUI/DWI, our instructors make sure all the information you need, the Virginia DMV information, and any other particulars are in place.

A-1 Southeastern Driver Improvement Program provides exceptional services, specializing in defensive driving techniques that can help you avoid and prevent crashes while putting you back on the road to safe driving.  A-1 Southeastern Driver Improvement Program is the best choice for people looking to take a DIP course for possible ticket dismissal or insurance deductions. Take our course to possibly dismiss your traffic citation and/or lower your insurance costs. And remember, we teach one student or 20 at a time; it does not matter. We want to assist YOU!

Call us TODAY at 757-816-6341. Again, we are located at 1206 Laskin Road, Suite 201, Virginia Beach, VA 23451.